Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I bought you this phone so can you at least change your Facebook relationship status now?

Hey ladies, guess what?  If a guy you've been dating for a month buys you a  $900 iPhone, he's given up trying to date you and moved on to attempting to buy you.

So if you are the kind of girl who can be bought, this guy is a perfect catch for you- looks like he's got money and he's willing to spend it.  And if you are the kind of girl who maybe can't be bought but can be guilted into being more serious with a guy because he buys you inappropriately expensive gifts after a month of dating, you are the perfect catch for this kind of guy.

I know, I know- the "message" of this ad is actually supposed to be "here's an excuse to buy yourself that iPhone you want- just buy one for someone else and get yours at the same time."  It's still uber-creepy that this guy doesn't have any longtime friends, relatives etc he can pull this on, and instead has to resort to handing someone he barely knows a very expensive gift which will be welcomed only by golddiggers, extremely shallow people or women who are genereally not users but really, really want the iPhone8.


  1. This potentially opens up the door to domestic abuse in the cases of those who would now feel that other person now "owes them" special treatment and consideration in return.
    Relatives often do this sort of thing to each other.

    1. You can bet this guy put her on his phone plan too- so now she's locked into a relationship with him that involves money every month. This is Manipulation 101.

  2. I think most women's response to this would be to call for security immediately. Stalker Alert!