Friday, May 21, 2021

Aunt Wanda knows who to call in times of stress....


"Hi honey, I just wanted you to know that I tested positive for COVID-19, and I have to quarantine."

"OMIGOD Aunt Wanda, that's terrible!  What did they tell you to do? Did they give you End of Life advice?"

"Um, no.  They just told me to monitor the symptoms, and to quarantine."

"That's terrible, you are high risk!  Did they tell you about Monoclonal Antibody treatments?"

"Um, no.  They just told me to monitor the symptoms and to quarantine.  Mono...what?"

"Monocolonal Antibody treatments!  You need to look into this right now!  You may have only seconds left to live."

"Um...ok...I'll think about it..."

"NO!  Call RIGHT NOW!  I'm jogging on the beach but you call RIGHT NOW and CALL ME BACK when they tell you to come in for the treatment!  And don't take 'no' for an answer!  You are RUNNING OUT OF TIME!"

"Um...ok...I'll call right now, and call you back when I find out..."

"You damn right you will.  And if they somehow tell you that you AREN'T a good candidate for Monocolonal Antibody treatments, at least jam some Lysol into your veins or gulp down a Tide pod!  By the way, your haven't changed your will lately, right?"

"My will?  What?"

"I'm so glad you called, Aunt Wanda.  You can always count on me to handle every tough situation with grace.  Now, put your will somewhere easy to find and get to work dealing with this COVID issue!!"

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