Sunday, May 23, 2021

Nissan Rogue, a lot of noise, and Brie Larson: Watch out for flying trolls!


Here's another Nissan Rogue commercial which apes pretty much every Subaru ad in suggesting that you can't really get anywhere in any other vehicle except the one being advertised.  In other words, its really just a commercial for the Automobile- it can take you to the beach, the mountains, the desert....because it's a car.  And that's it.

Except that I guess with the Nissan Rouge you can do something you can't do with just any old car; you can use it to take your annoyingly diverse family to 1974 and watch a movie at a Drive-In.  And Brie Larson can show up to make a comment alluding to Captain Marvel but more pointedly to trigger the insecure wannabee Alpha Male Incels who can't stand her because their favorite YouTubers told them she threatens their imagined position in society by Existing. 

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