Friday, May 14, 2021

Lowbrow humor from Toyota and Highlander


Oh, how adorable- the most original commercial ever.  For the first time we see, in the same commercial:

1.  Precocious kids who twist their faces into weird contortions as they bleat phrases they really have no business understanding but It's Funny Because It's Kids.  I can't believe it took seventy years for someone to think of having kids say embarrassing things in front of a parent!  Hys-TERICAL!

2.  Eurotrash dweeb dad who serves up a great big plump, slow moving softball for those kids to knock right out of the park and then looks flummoxed when those kids....knock the slow moving softball right out of the park and freak out Eurotrash dad for the entertainment of the audience.

I mean, I'm just AMAZED that they managed to fit these two concepts into the SAME brief commercial. Well done, Toyota!  I'm off to buy a Highlander, wait a minute.  Why is this ad supposed to make me buy a Highlander?  It looks more like a commercial for birth control to me.  I'm certainly convinced that I don't want anything like these kids.

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