Monday, May 31, 2021

Apple redefines Chutzpah with it's "Mind Your Own Business" ad


I wish I had a dime for every time 

1.  I overheard completely private information being bleated over a phone while I was innocently standing in line, sitting at an airport gate, sitting in a subway, or simply walking down the street.  I don't eavesdrop.  It's just that there's something about cell phones that seem to automatically zap the part of the brain that gives us our sense of place and surroundings.

2.  I was forced to listen to some stupid-as-f--k Netflix comedy, music video etc. while in a confined space (like the airport gate or subway) because the Sociopath with a Cellphone couldn't be bothered with ear buds. 

3.  I've seen warnings NOT to use a cell phone to access bank or any other sensitive information while using public WiFi, which fall on deaf ears because Wait A Minute I Have to Wait Till I Get Home to Do Something?  What is this, Russia?

So when I see an ad in which Smart Phone users are encouraged to use a tool which basically tells the people around them to "mind their own business," well...seriously, the vast majority of us want to do nothing more.  It's the Smart Phone users who are constantly shoveling their business on the rest of us.  Is this really so hard to understand?

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