Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Nissan Rogue's "Runaway Bride" ad has disturbingly racist undertones


1.  I watched this several times without sound before finally turning up the volume and hearing the bride's "explanation" of what the hell was going on here.  It didn't help in the slightest.  Without sound, it appears to be the story of a victim of a sex-trafficking ring managing to sneak the keys to a conveniently parked Nissan Rogue and making a mad dash for freedom.

2.  The bride doesn't look the least bit frightened, despite the fact that she's being chased at high speeds by the groom.  She's too busy telling us how she made the right decision in jumping into the Nissan Rogue to make her escape, otherwise she might....um....

3.  What are we supposed to think will happen if the groom manages to "catch" (run off the road?) his intended?  Is he going to knock her unconscious with a clout to the jaw and carry her back to the ceremony over his shoulder?  Is he going to murder her for shaming him and disgracing his family?  This is so disturbing.  If it's much more innocent than it appears to me,* well, I guess I apologize, Nissan.  But still....

4.  Where is this wedding taking place?  It sure looks like an American wedding, what with the very Western dress, cars, etc.  So if she doesn't want to get married, why does she feel the need to make a run for it like this?  Why not be an actual adult and just tell the guy she doesn't want to marry him (and do it before the ceremony, so you don't leave him heartbroken/humiliated?

*this is one of those commercials where a little less diversity might have been a better choice.  I can't be the only viewer who is more than a little disturbed by a commercial featuring a white, blonde woman fleeing a marriage to a dark-skinned, Middle-Eastern looking man.  The optics are just awful here, Nissan. 

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