Sunday, June 27, 2021

OnStar Guardian: Credit where Credit is Due....


Ugh, I have to admit it:  this commercial totally works.   The first time I watched it, I thought it was a Silver Alert situation- Dad was sitting in the park cold, scared and confused, and Daughter uses technology to rescue him.   As it turns out, Dad just didn't feel like answering the phone and instead just wanted to spend a little time with his memories in the park.   This is actually a little better- if it WAS a Silver Alert situation, I could criticize this woman for not immediately calling the police if she had the tech to locate him, but I assume that her father has no record of cognitive failure and was just mystified as to why he was not answering his phone.  So I can't criticize this ad at all.  

Don't worry, I have no expectation that I'm about to have to give up this blog because commercials are about to become effective and to-the-point.  This is more like a finding-a-flower-in-the-manure-pile situation.  

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