Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The LG Wash Tower would fit perfectly in my apartment. Not my budget, just my apartment..


This is another one of those commercials which is face-palm dreck but So Bad its Good with the sound turned down, but if you try to watch it with the volume up it becomes grating to the point of being almost intolerable in it's mind-bending stupidity.

These people are actually dancing around because they own a freaking $2300 washer-dryer combo that fits into a small if anyone who can afford a $2300 washer-dryer combo can't also afford a space large enough to accommodate a regular sized washer-dryer combo.  I mean, come on- are these things built exclusively for those idiots who spend 80 percent of their paycheck on a Manhattan Efficiency because they want to live in a neighborhood where they might run into a cast member from the Big Bang Theory at the corner deli? 

If not, the people in this ad have no business dancing around like that, because their priorities are seriously screwed up.  If this is just another vanity purchase because they've got money to burn, well, dance away, I guess, but jeesh keep your eye on what you are doing, because every time I watch this 30-second bucket of Dumb I think that guy is going to forget himself and throw that baby into the dryer. 

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