Sunday, June 6, 2021

Geico Reminds Us that it's another Olympics Year and we are supposed to care and share


I just gotta love the overbearing condescension and utter lack of respect displayed by the makers of the commercial in the final scene, where the viewers are reminded that if they like the ad, they should, maybe, feel free to share it with other people who might like it.  As if there is anyone watching this ad on YouTube who isn't aware that they have the ability to pay it forward when it comes to sharing rank garbage.  Weird Al Yankovic wrote an entire song about our ubiquitous Sharing Culture several years ago.  Thank you, Geico, but we were already very familiar with the "share" feature.   If we don't pass along your videos, it's not because we don't know how to.  It's because they are stupid crap and we don't want to irritate our friends.

That being said, this commercial is just the beginning of what I expect to be an onslaught of "Keep in Mind that the Summer Olympics is being held this year, it wasn't cancelled just postponed tune in please please please" ads featuring gymnasts, runners, etc. who can be featured without jeopardizing their amateur status because there's no professional status for their particular skill set.  Get ready to see a parade of young people attempting to cash in on the tiny sliver of fame they'll enjoy for a few months before they compete in mostly-empty-due-to-C-word-restrictions-stadiums and then vanish back into the ether.*  Young people like this one, who in the bizarre world of a Geico commercial was instantly recognized by two shmoes* playing frisbee but in real life could walk through any grocery store in the United States without causing anyone to so much as bat an eye.  

(And don't even get me started on how these guys are treating this woman like a freaking dog who is going to keep fetching their frisbee no matter how many times they throw it on the roof; though it might be helpful if she hadn't jumped in to volunteer to retrieve it the first time without even being asked, apparently because she just happened to be in the neighborhood, was dressed for her routine, and wanted to show off?)

*Mckayla Moroney is 25 years old.  She's been retired from gymnastics for five years.  

*Mckayla Moroney is best known as a meme.  She's the "not impressed" girl from that week back in 2012.  Which is why we see her fold her arms and do "her look" here.  If she's recognizable, it's from that moment.   Can't really blame her for milking it, but I wonder how she feels about being in the same category as Ratt and Tag Team- the "hey remember these guys, well here they are doing their shtick for Geico" category- at the age of 25.

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