Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Geico/Black Widow Cross Promotion is as stale and brainless as it gets


Not to mention predictable, manipulative, and just plain insulting.  

I mean, look what we've got here:  An insurance company which ran out of ideas on how to pitch its product roughly two decades ago teaming up with a studio desperate to keep a superhero franchise alive despite the (merciful) end of the 12-year, 47-film Avenger v Generic Galactic Villain Looking to Secure Control of Magic Macguffins saga (or is it epoch?  It was Age, in one of these headache-inducing money-printing time wasters.)  An insurance company which wasn't even willing to pay Scarlet Johannsen to show up and be in the commercial promoting her stand-alone (presumably prequel/origin story) film?  

We are all used to this garbage by now:  Dairy Queen promoting the latest Jurassic Park film.  IHOP being pimped by the Lorax.  Any number of automobile companies trying to get us to go to this year's insult to the once-valuable Star Wars universe.  This is not novel in any way.  What it is is so damned lazy that it looks like the "brain child" (to be generous) of an ad man who was given the assignment as he was walking out the door at 4:55 on a Friday afternoon and had tickets to the game that evening. "Ok, we'll just have the stupid lizard thing sitting in a car, he'll see a billboard for the movie- that will get the name of the movie in there- and then he'll imagine being in the trailer of the movie.  And we'll shoot it in a way that will trick people into thinking that Scarlett Johannsen is there, but she won't be so we don't have to pay her.  We'll use quick cuts and throw in an explosion or two and nobody will notice how stupid it is and will forget what they saw the moment we get back to the stupid lizard thing anyway.  Done and done." 

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