Friday, June 4, 2021

I have a better question, McDonald's....


...and yes, it's going to sound mean.  Maybe even cruel.  But I have to ask anyway....

What planet is the boy in this commercial from?  I mean, come on.  That is the creepiest, weirdest looking kid I've seen in an ad since that squishy blob  who used to go around his neighborhood bleating to everyone he knew about how to get better Broadband so he'll want to hang out at their houses.  What the hell is with that hair? Why does he wear it so that his head looks like a 2000-watt bulb?  Why does it look like he hasn't washed it since the Lockdown started last spring?

Ok, never mind.  I know I'm just being an insensitive jerk.  I'll just ask another question instead.  What the hell is it about this commercial that would make me want to hit the McDonald's Dollar Menu?  I'd have to be ravenous to go to a McDonald's for anything other than coffee in the first place.  This ad makes me far less hungry than I was before I saw it.  It's stupid, cringey and kind of gross because, seriously, that kid....oh sorry, I'm fixating now.  

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