Sunday, June 20, 2021

Lume Cube fixes a problem I don't want fixed, thanks anyway....


"I'm driven.....and I really just want to help people.  That's why I would make a great candidate." 

Seriously, I decided to write an entire post on this stupid, over-engineered light that attaches to your laptop to "improve" (why does anyone thing people being able to see you makes remote connectivity better?) Zoom conferences.  Because I really couldn't get my head around a minute and a half of watching people with what is seriously the ultimate First World Problem trying to deal with that First World Problem.  Especially that first guy, who apparently sat down an hour before his Zoom conference was supposed to even start, considering the acrobatics he and his Significant Other go through to try to get the lighting Just Right.   And to think that there are people out there who think they have problems!  If only they could see your story!

The other people in this ad- like the family that decides they need to call Aunt Somebody and Share whatever Amazing Thing they think is happening that She Would Really Appreciate Dropping Everything and Becoming Involved With- are just going along for the ride.  I don't care about them, because they don't utter that One Line Everyone In Commercials Featuring Job Interviews utters.  That just totally made my day. 

*Still, it would have been even better if she called herself a "people person" or told the guy on the other side of the call that her biggest fault was that she "cared about quality too much" or was a "workaholic" who cared more about being productive than getting paid because Some People Just Care About Money I'm More than That.   

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