Friday, June 25, 2021

Apple misunderstands our desire to get back to being Part of the World...


So instead of sitting inside staring at your computer screen, you can buy this and....sit outside staring at your computer screen.

And this means being "part of that world."  Uh huh.

How about this- turn your computer off and go outside and actually be PART OF THAT WORLD.
Oh right, I forgot- that's not being Productive.  We must be Productive.  You can go outside if you want, but only if you buy this Apple Product so when you go outside you can remain Productive.  And somehow this is supposed to be "better," because Reasons. 

But hey, at least the drooling minions who seem to populate every YouTube comment section featuring an electronic device loves this ad, love the song, love The Little Mermaid, and especially love being Charmed By That Song That Was In The Little Mermaid.  So that's something slightly more than nothing...I guess.

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