Saturday, June 19, 2021

Domino's gives us a great example of American Exceptionalism


Driverless cars might not catch on for a while as a way of transporting our sorry lazy butts from point A to point B, but wouldn't it be SO VERY AMERICAN for us to embrace them as a way of getting our tasteless discs of sugary cheap sauce, cheese and bland wheat carbs delivered to our doorsteps?  Just call them the Domino's DiabetesMobiles and don't forget to salute as they pass by.

Oh, and Domino's?  Nobody misses the Noid.  Those of us who remember this sad attempt to create a "cute" cartoon mascot back in the 80s kind of wish we didn't, because he was always nothing more than a cheap, loud, obnoxious distraction from your god-awful pizza that simply didn't work (no matter how big the Noid logo was on the box, the crap inside was still crap, after all.)  

Nobody misses the Noid.  Nobody wants to see the Noid again.  Nostalgia doesn't reach into every aspect of our lives, sorry.  McDonald's should bring back the McDLT.  It should not bring back styrofoam containers.  The Noid is a styrofoam container.  Leave it in the past. 

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