Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Nissan Rogue Presents: "The Perfect car if you..."


...simply can't be expected to pay any attention to what is actually going on on the road in front of you.

...want to look at everything EXCEPT what is going on on the road in front of you.

...want to go from Point A to Point B while maintaining your "connectivity" through Facebook, listening to your favorite music, and enjoying all the bells and whistles and screens which pop up to distract you from the road in front of you, which as we've established you aren't the slightest bit interested in anyway.

...couldn't find your butt with two hands and a flashlight because you've gotten ludicrously spoiled with GPS.

...are totally incapable of even PARKING YOUR FREAKING CAR which makes us wonder how you managed to do something the vast majority of us have been doing for decades with the use of low-tech side and rear view mirrors.

...are a smarmy little runt who just enjoys sitting in a metal cage surrounded by all this ridiculous tech that constantly reminds you that you can afford a metal cage filled with ridiculous tech.

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