Sunday, June 13, 2021

Well, at least it's just Verizon and not another Ghostbusters disaster....


1.  Kate McKinnon isn't going to be able to sell me anything, sorry.  I just find her face annoying and her voice too nasal.  Maybe it's just me.

2.  Showing me a few dozen zombies standing around a room which terrifyingly looks like it has no walls or windows or doors (because it doesn't matter, I guess, because there's no place you want to go when you've got an electronic device and 5g*) staring at their phones and tablets etc. doesn't make me think "wow, that looks awesome, where do I sign up?"

3.  I grieve for a society that finds any of this worth emulating.  I know people who can't seem to spend enough time staring at their stupid phones while the world goes on around them.  

*I really don't know what's going on with this in Verizon commercials.  Is it that the world might as well not be there if you have a screen to look at and play with?  Is Verizon worried that we might be reminded that the world IS there and maybe there are other things to do besides play with our phones?  Please explain this to me, Verizon.  As soon as you get done explaining why you thought Kate McKinnon could sell me anything. 

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