Sunday, May 30, 2021

Miller Lite ignores the real "big mistake:" buying Light Beer in the first place


Your friends sent you to the corner grocery to buy crappy beer, and you came THIS CLOSE to accidentally buying the wrong crappy beer.  Fortunately you got beer shamed by the cashier, who shouldn't give a flying damn which beer he chooses to stock you decide to buy unless one costs more than the other, and you're already high on SOMETHING* because you think that the bobbleheads are also passing judgement on your choice of beer. 

So you are going to go back to your friends with a beer which, you'll explain, has "more taste" and "only one more calorie" than the beer they thought you were going to come back with, and explain that you know this because the look on the cashier's face, the bobbleheads, and the voice in your head told you so.  That'll teach your friends to never, ever send you on a beer run again.  And I mean NEVER.

*whatever it is, it isn't light beer. That's a physical impossibility. 

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