Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Soon-to-be-very-dated Progressive Insurance Commercial....


...because when this is all over, nobody is going to want to be reminded of those days where we HAD to work from home and communicate over Zoom.  But that's not really what any of these "stupid people doing stupid things on Zoom" ads are all about, is it?  

No, none of these "slice of life" ads featuring Conference Calls Gone Bad (the Apple "Underdogs" ads which feature more goofing off than work, the Folger's ads which feature distracted idiots who can't even remember to put their pants on or are desperate to prevent coworkers from seeing their kids, etc.) are actually about the petty annoyance of Zoom Conferencing.  They are, instead, all about how much corporate America seethes at the idea of paying people without getting them into the office and physically under the thumb of Mr. Boss Man.  You get the idea that corporations have come to see Zoom in the same way Republicans see Unemployment Benefits- just a Free Ride to goof off while still collecting a paycheck.  Apple, Folgers, Progressive etc. all feel cheated by Remote Not-Work because they hate their employees and are convinced that those employees will just pretend to be productive if they can get away with it-- and it eats employers alive to think that they just might be getting away with it. 

So no one is going to convince me that Working from Home is going to become the New Normal any time in the near future, and I find it downright laughable when CNN, etc. tries to predict the Future of Work by asking employees what they think about working from home.  As if it's going to be up to them in any way, shape or form.  Ask the employers.  They still want their workers to rise early, brave traffic, and sit in a physical office that the employer is perfectly willing to pay for if it means they can be 100 percent certain those employees are wearing pants while working the phones all day.  Because its a power thing and its a distrust thing.  That's not going to change just because we have a pandemic now and then. 

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