Sunday, May 16, 2021

Samsung's Own the Floor campaign is a high-tech version of Stupid


There are so many layers of dumb in this ad, it's almost hard to get a grip on it.  But I'll give it a try with an internet-friendly numbered list:

1.  The guy doing the vacuuming is having so much fun that it doesn't bother him in the slightest when his kids knock over a plant and leave a pile of dirt on the rug right and just keep on running, never mind that, yes, that IS dirt on the rug and I don't care how good that vacuum is, it's going to leave a stain and you're going to need some carpet cleaner.  It's also as if the kids intentionally knocked over the plant BECAUSE dad was having so much fun vacuuming, they wanted to give him something to vacuum.  

2.  Mom gets her turn at the vacuum and proceeds to spin all over the house, as if determined to have more fun than her husband.  Maybe she's a little worried that he's encroaching on her territory.  Next thing you know, he'll be cooking and her panic level will really shoot up.

3.  If you can afford to live in this house, then yes I guess you can afford this ridiculous $500 vacuum cleaner made by a company famous for producing overpriced, fragile electronics built to be traded in every six months or so (exactly what we're looking for in a household appliance, right?  But if you can afford to live in this house, you can also afford to have a cleaning woman come in two or three times a week to do the vacuuming for you.  And when you do that, you probably aren't all that interested in making the cleaning fun, are you?

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