Thursday, May 27, 2021

Nissan Rogue Presents: the most Boomer commercial of all time

The dumbest line in the history of television commercials, clearly written by an overpaid assclown who didn't even attempt to come up with any ideas but just threw together some dialogue in his otherwise-empty head as he walked into the pitch meeting:  "When I was your age, we didn't have the 2021 Nissan Rogue with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive...."*  to which any self-respecting kid should reply "when you were my age, you didn't have a 2021 anything, you ridiculous moron" before throwing himself out of the car, consumed with mortification that he shares way too much genetic material with this disgustingly fruitful idiot.  

Here is the actual description of this ad, courtesy of  I would argue that there's no way that this guy has any youth to wax poetic about, because anyone who would utter that dumbest line in the history of television commercials was born middle-aged:

While the family's Nissan Rogue casually out-paces a fearsome dust storm in the middle of the desert, a dad reminisces about his bygone youth, when people had to make do driving average cars on normal roads. For a limited time, qualified customers can get special offers on the 2021 Rogue.

Yeah, whatever buddy.  You are the reason why the phrase "Ok Boomer" was invented.  

*know what else you didn't have when you were a kid?  Legal marriages between blacks and whites.  You know, like the one you clearly enjoy and produced a child through.  There's an example of how the world is better now that might be a bit more worth celebrating instead of waxing poetic about your  stupid-ass car. 

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