Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hoping it's not just a kiss that begins with Kay

"I--know--this--may--seem--strange---coming--from--a--guy--who--has--known---you--for--such--a--short--period---of--time--that---he--hasn't---learned---to--effectively--communicate---with---you. I---mean,---expensive---jewelery--is--generally---the---kind---of---gift---reserved---for--serious---couples--who---have---developed---a--relationship...but....

"The--fact---is,---I---just---think---you---are---really---hot...ok? I've---been---trying---to--get--into---your---pants--ever---since---our---first---date, and---frankly---don't---really---care---for---this---'communication'---bullshit. I---mean, it's---not--like---I---really---have---anything--to---say---to--you--other---than--that--I'd---really---like---to--land---you---in---the---sack."

"So---let's---just---cut---to---the--chase, ok? From--what---I've--seen---in---commercials, all---girls--really---want---before---they---put---out---is---a--shiny--trinket. So--here---you---go---can---you---just---say---thank---you---and---strip---already, 'cause---God---knows---I've---put---in---the--hours, don't---you---think?"

(BTW, whose house are these people sitting in? Whose tree is that, and who is getting all those presents? The vibe I get from these people is that they are fairly recent acquaintances-- again, the guy hasn't learned how to communicate with the girl with any level of competence yet--not a married couple with their own home. What the hell IS going on here?)


  1. I have no idea what's going on, other than, yes, it doesn't seem like they've been together for very long because he's only just starting to learn ASL--and she's totally humoring him, saying he's doing fine, because he has zero facial expression and facial expression is a vital, integral part of ASL the same way tone and inflection are for verbal language. When he asks if she likes it, his eyebrows barely move, and if you're asking a question your facial expression should be Quizzical. You know, eyebrows way up and all that. *rolls eyes and shakes head* The actress is also clearly a hearing person because her facial expression is equally static and wooden.

  2. It's like an earlier ad that had a child actor our host here remembered seeing pitching something tended to ruin his ability to suspend his disbelief.