Thursday, December 29, 2011

This guy has a television show, and I can't average more than 400 hits a day?

Life is so unfair.

Here's an barely literate moron who's claim to fame is his refusal to admit wrong after using a false claim of racial attack to get himself on television almost thirty years ago. After a couple of decades of camera-mugging, he made a run for the Democratic Party's nomination for President which the word "quixotic" does not really begin to describe, doing his best to ruin each debate he was inexplicably invited to with his bizarre rants and disconnected, broken word salads.

Then Keith Olbermann and Cenck Uyger made the mistake of being Progressive instead of Establishment Democrats and were shown the door by MSNBC. That created room for faux Progressive "Leftists" (yeah, right) like Lawrence O'Donnell and this worthless bag of wind. So we get gems like this commercial, in which Reverend Al sputters something about blueberry pie ( I think; I don't speak Sharptonese.)

Anyway, this is all really pointless and stupid and irritating because we are reminded that this pathetic snake oil salesman has somehow managed to land a highly-paid television gig in which he is promoted as a serious political commentator. As far as I'm concerned, this is like asking Dennis Miller to grade the State of the Union Address or Rush Limbaugh to call plays on Monday Night Football- it just doesn't work, because the speaker can't beg, borrow or steal an ounce of credibility.

"They were ones that were eatin' the pie!" And you were the one giving me the migraine. I think I'd rather hear that BIG BIG BIG Smart Car commercial 45 times an hour (easily accomplished by watching Olbermann or Uyger on Current TV) than spend five minutes watching this blowhard. Hey MSNBC, there's real talent out there- maybe the next time there's a slot open, you might actually try to find some of it? Because this is just one small step away from giving Mark Furman a set and an early evening time slot.


  1. The "funny" thing about the Al Sharptons of the world is that when they finally do die, people like me end up turning to someone and saying "I thought he died years ago." That's because they're so irrelevant, they might as well be dead.

  2. That's just it- if there's anyone who deserves to be in the "whatever happened too.." category, it's this dope. Instead, he's polluting the airwaves with his gibberish, posing as someone worth listening to. What a world.

  3. I once saw a cartoon in which Sharpton, with Rev. Jesse Jackson behind him, was wishing upon a star for an end to "racial tension and bigotry". The next frame showed them replaced with a small cloud reading "poof". When you think about it, the artist wasn't too far off.

  4. Back in the 1980s, I actually thought that Jesse Jackson was a reasonably worthy successor to Martin Luther King Jr's crusade (though no one could truly fill his shoes.) I admire him a lot less these days, but I still put him in a different category than Sharpton, who is just a noisy, pompous, self-important sleaze and a clown.