Thursday, April 19, 2012

Laxmi: Because Stupidity is Universal

It took more than three years, but I've finally stumbled across a foreign commercial I simply cannot resist snarking on.  Chances are, I'll never actually see this one on television here in the states.  Bet you we see something very similar though, because the attitude is very, very American.

So here is a twentysomething man who finds himself roped in to buying a typical lunch- seaweed, rice, octopus, drinks included- for a gaggle of hot looking women who find his wallet and unwillingness to say "excuse me, who the hell are you" or "and I'm supposed to pick up the bill....why, exactly?" absolutely irresistible.   As he watches the damage mount, he realizes that it's very likely to overwhelm his credit limit.

So what does he do?  Well, he does what anyone with any common sense would do.  No, not announce that hey, he's not made of freaking money so it's every partier for herself.  No, not excuse himself to hit the restroom and slip out the back.  He calls Daddy and asks for an increase in his--allowance?

And in a response that I'm sure is very familiar to an American audience, Daddy just shakes his head- and approves the transfer of funds to cover his asshat son's inability to Say No.   Seriously, Daddy- you raised this spendthrift jerk, no one wants to hear you bitch about him now, in ANY language, ok?

Son hangs up the phone, lesson learned- the apple didn't fall far from the tree.  If Son is a pushover, Daddy's a bigger one.  At least Son gets the company of some pretty hot girls.  What does Daddy get?

Oh yeah, a bigger bill from Laxmi.  Which I'm guessing is Thai for "Visa."  Or maybe "CashStop."  I don't know.  It's been a long, hard week.  This commercial didn't help.

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  1. Ah, long as the ad didn't end with his angered discovery that one or more of the pretty freeloaders has a penis.....