Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You almost don't even notice the Kia. Which, I'm guessing, is the idea

Quick tip to those of you who might be interested in buying a car in the near future: When a company needs to combine a video game, rapping hamsters and a truly awful Jump for the Remote theme "song," it tells you everything you need to know about the respect it has for the product they are trying to sell you.

Here's a synopsis of the response by YouTube chuckle-heads who really enjoyed this ad:

"Hahaha awesome, this looks just like that cool game I saw at Jeff's house....hahaha check out the hamsters....awesome song what is that song where can I get that song...oh man it's over, I hope they show that commercial again like right now...

"The only thing I didn't like about this commercial was that ugly green car they were driving, it would have been better if those hamsters had shown up in something better. Man, that was one nasty looking crap car....cool music and graphics though..I hope they make more of these commercials, maybe with the hamsters on motorcycles or something..."

"Where can I get this game? Are those hamsters on sale somewhere? Cool song I want that song where is that song?"

Seriously, Kia.  What ARE you thinking with this series?  Could it be "we have nothing worth selling here, so let's at least have a good time making this ad"" and "well, only people with the sense and intelligence of eight year old boys could possibly want to buy one of these things, so we might as well make commercials that appeal to them?"


  1. Hey! I've got a great tag line that would make sense: "Soul: the car for people who don't have one." (Also, at least they don't have a target market consisting of lumberjacks, mutants, zombie office workers, cute ninjas and masked wrestlers.)

  2. The weird thing is that the Canadian ad doesn't have hamsters or robots. What it does have is the boxy-looking thing being driven through an ordinary looking street on an ordinary day. The premise seems to be "Look at our boxy car being driven in traffic on an ordinary day. Here's how much it'll cost you and how it performs. Maybe you should buy one."

  3. Man you guys are weird up there. Universal Health Care. No-nonsense car commercials. I bet you aren't even in your second decade of occupying nations on the other side of the planet.

    What a goofy country.