Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is there a

The parents of this girl should count their blessings.  They handed her a credit card which was apparently in her name only, so when she went on a massive spending binge, they didn't have a clue.  No warning calls from the credit card company, no "suspicious activity" alerts.  Clearly they didn't bother to have the "now this is just for emergencies, we are putting a lot of trust in you because you are an adult now" speech.  And apparently Daughter got the only bill.  Otherwise, I don't get why the people who provided this girl with a credit card would have to go to FreeCreditReport.Com in order to find out what was happening with that card.  Seems to me they could have just called the bank anytime to check the balance. 

Anyway, it seems that the parents were almost astoundingly naive about their Little Girl, not to mention foolishly careless with their own credit, and the only price they'll have to pay is in the form of money.

So why should they count their blessings?  Well, check out this girl- she's actually quite cute.  So she's willing to throw money around, wear skimpy outfits, and have wild parties in her dorm room.  Mom and dad?  Breathe a sigh of relief that all she's handed you is debt, and not the news that she'll be dropping out at the end of the semester to deliver up your first grandchild.  Or that she's in her first series of shots to control her STD.   Because even without the free spending, I can see this girl being very popular on campus.

Having dodged that bullet, I'd take a moment to issue a quiet prayer.  Then I'd haul this Not Ready To Be On Her Own party girl back home and tell her she'll be commuting to the local college if she wants to continue her adventures in Higher Education.  If not, she can get a job and start paying Mom and Dad back for her month of excess.  Because relief only lasts so long, and this girl clearly has a lot of growing up left to do.


  1. The short time I worked customer service for Blockbuster Online, I learned there are far more people than I thought who don't look at anything on the bill other than 'Balance Due' most months. It doesn't surprise me in the least she had lots of fun, fun, fun until the Daddy took the plastic away.

    If Daddy was paying the bill, then how was it ruining the 'rent's credit score? If Daddy couldn't keep up with the bill and was falling behind, thereby trashing the credit score, why was Spending Queen able to get away with it for most of the school year, and why did it take them accidentally crashing a party to figure out what was going on? *headwall* As with the last ad you skewered, the holes in this one are big enough to drive a fleet of 18-wheelers through side by side. Mom and Dad aren't responsible with their money if Spending Queen is getting away with this crap for months, so no surprise where she learned her spending habits from.

    1. I agree. The point of this ad seems to be "We indulged our child and never set limits on her behavior and now that it's come back to bite us on the ass, we're angry at her."