Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who thought Flooring could be so gosh-darned adorable?

Awww, don't you want to just hug these adorable people?  Aren't they the cutest couple EVER?

And not Katniss and Peeta cute.  Not even Belle and Edward cute.  I mean CUTE.

Check out the way this guy talks about flooring- it's not that it has to be affordable.  It has to be "like FREE Affordable!"  Man, that's really affordable.  And really cute.

And then the guy sings some song about being free.  I don't know what that means.  I just know that it's so cute, I want to die.  That cute.

And then the cuteness envelope is pushed to the limit when the girl starts throwing food at the guy.  I'd say that this is clearly one of those "moments" that guys are supposed to take pills to be ready for, except that it's not possible to imagine these people actually having sex.  Way too cute for icky stuff like that.

I sure hope we see this couple in a whole series of commercials for stuff like flooring or whatever.  Because no way this was enough for me.  Maybe they can go to McDonald's next and toss quips concerning the dollar menu back and forth.  No wait, I know- they can update their Facebook profiles while sharing an entree at Applebee's!  The possibilities are endless!


  1. Oh, super. Next thing you know, these two idiots will star in a failed sitcom on ABC....just like the GEICO Cavemen did.

  2. I haven't witnessed that level of fine acting ability since the made-by-students film my kid was part of in tenth grade.

  3. Flooring is not cute. It's not worth singing over. Give. Me. A. Break! Oh, and it's 'Katniss'.

  4. Thanks for the correction, Rogue. I just finished reading the God-awful trilogy, I must have been trying to blank it out of my mind.