Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well, this century's version of "Humans," anyway.

It understands you.

It won't talk back (or, if it does, it will talk back in a voice you approve of, because you selected it.)

It won't question your motives, your ambitions, or your use of the very little time God gave you to be on this Earth.

It won't disappoint you (or, if it ever does, it won't complain about being turned in for an Upgrade.)

It's your friend.  When all of the people who used to be your friends got sick of your pathetic obsession with electronics and decided to hang out with actual human beings who would look up every once in a while.

It knows you.

It loves you.

It's your friend.

It's all you need. 

It's only Human.

And that this makes sense to some people is only very, very scary.


  1. If you put those same lines in front of scenes about a terminator robot, a ghost, or a serial killer, with more ominous music, you'd have one of the scariest movie trailers out there.

    1. Not that this isn't frightening enough as it is. Watching these smug idiots zone out makes me sort of afraid for the future.

    2. There's going to be a future? My, you ARE the optimist, aren't you?