Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Pepsi: The Movie!

You know, I could probably go on and on about how stupid and loud this commercial is. Or how the producers must have looked at dozens of twenty-something actor wannabees before picking out the scruffy doofuses they found to perform the CGI-enhanced "stunt" which is supposed to be entertaining. I would probably include a line about how these guys are at a concert with what looks like thousands of people, yet the only refreshment available is to be found in a solitary Pepsi machine on the other side of cavern. Bullshit Alert: Concerts never lack for opportunities to purchase $8 bottles of tepid water and $12 bottles of beer. In real life, these guys would be standing in a line 30 yards long to shell out for their drinks, not stepping on heads to get to the Pepsi Machine. I invite anyone who is a regular concert-goer to write in with their own Bullshit Alerts concerning this ad. I'll just wrap up with the impression left me at the end of this commercial, and at the end of all the recent Wow Pepsi Is Hip and Cool commercials- the fact that the producers think they are so wildly entertaining, so much fun to watch, that they think we'd appreciate a little montage of Our Favorite Moments of The Last Twenty Seconds at the end. Um, gee, thanks, Pepsi. I loved the moment when the one guy pointed at the Pepsi machine, and I'm soooo glad I got to see it again in the wrap-up. Whatever.

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  1. I'm just having a hard time trying to figure out what that had to do with ANYTHING.

    Hmm... I wonder what other products you could, for lack of a better term,... "advertise" with this, considering that you could have the ball hit any product dispenser and set it off.

    -Hit a giant plastic ketchup bottle so it squirts onto a burger.
    -Hit an upside-down cow, so it gives birth to a calf, which then flies into a meat grinder to become the aforementioned burger.
    -Hit a soda machine, like in the actual commercial, but, instead of going into the guys' hands, the cans fly out at the audience, like a carbonated machine gun, inundating the crowd with broken bones and head trauma.
    -Hit the enormous egg sack of a giant spider, so that thousands of baby giant spiders explode out into the audience. Not a product, but I'd pay to see it.
    -Hit giant box labeled "Ginsu", so that hundreds of knives, cleavers, and other cutlery fly out the top and rain down on the audience.