Sunday, June 22, 2014

Discover yet another pointlessly stupid ad, inspiring a few random thoughts....

... If one twin knows the other works for Discover Card, why didn't she just ask her about this whole free credit score thing?

...Ok, maybe they were seperated at birth.  One lives in a palatial suburban estate where she relaxes in an immaculately clean room cared for by her Nicaraguan cleaning crew and checks out her credit card balance on her HD Tablet.  The other one works a phone bank in Pakistan.  Luck of the draw, I guess.

...."Awesome Sauce?"  What the hell is that?  More proof that life is really unfair, I guess.  "Awesome Sauce" has no business being in that nice house.  Stick her in the Pakistan-based phone bank*, and give her sister a chance at the good life in the suburbs.

Seriously.  "Awesome Sauce?"

*Anyone else think that the portrayal of the phone bank is total BS?  I mean, seriously- gleaming white and immaculately clean,  with friendly little decorations, and with the employees seated at their own desks?  Hell, I bet they aren't even allowed to have drinks at their work stations.

1 comment:

  1. When did she have time to make a hot tea? While I was on hold for 12 minutes? The only sauce in this situation is the hand grease left on the mouse from the last call center potato that got fired for taking too many smoke breaks.

    Takes my money, hikes my rates... wait that's now how I treat me, thats how a giant money-hungry credit company with a huge ad budget treats me... S--T SAUCE!