Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh STFU you smart ass little SOB. You too, Toyota.

Seriously, someone explain to me what any of this drivel has to do with getting me to buy a Toyota.  All I see is a seriously damaged little kid who has obviously been programmed by his hyper-ambitious parents to never ever ever stop practicing for the More Important Than Life Itself Spelling Bee, which is more like the Totally Pointless Having No Bearing On The Real World Child Competition One Step Above Beauty Pageant your parents will be sticking you in NEXT year, poor kid.  This boy needs some Away Time from his horrible parents so he can be introduced to a childhood.

Or, he's like the title of this post suggests- a Too Cutesy To Be Allowed Outside Bundle of Smarm I don't ever, ever want to see on my TV again.*  Oh, and he can take Jan with him.  Her fifteen minutes should have been up YEARS ago.

*"Spell Expeditious?"  Well, as long as you feel comfortable barking orders at total strangers, here's one for you- get your nasty little puss out of my face, I'm just here to pimp cars to your creep parents, ok?

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  1. Now come on, let's not get down on spelling bees. At least kids learn something useful from competing in them (can you tell I used to?). The problem with this commercial is that it uses the concept of the spelling bee to attempt to sell cars for absolutely no damn good reason at all, except to make s stupid sitcom-type joke. And it stereotypes kids who compete in spelling bees as vaguely foreign little nerds who Never. Stop. Spelling. Out. Loud. Every. Word. They. Hear. At. All. Times. When. Practicing. Not only that, but they demand others spell words, too. Which is really obnoxious, annoying, and not at all true.