Monday, June 16, 2014

Taco Bell's Hashtag Obesity Campaign

Hash Browns/Hashtag.  Get it?  Me too.  Don't think it's funny? Me neither.

Nor do I think that old geezers bitching endlessly about the greasy crud people are eating is funny either.  In fact, I've never thought that old geezers being portrayed as comic foils in commercials or sitcoms is funny.  Not ever.  Not even once.

And I sure don't think that this hash browns inside a bacon and cheese taco breakfast sandwich thing is a good idea AT ALL.  And it's not because I'm an old geezer.  I'm not.  It's because we are already the fattest nation that has ever existed, on a planet in which half the population goes to bed hungry every night, and we seem obsessed with finding new ways to kill ourselves with our food instead of oh, I don't know, eating less and eating sensibly.

If this is the "next generation of breakfast," it's more and more likely we've seen the last generation of healthy Americans, as refusing to eat oneself to death seems to have gone out of style.  Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.


  1. It doesn't pay to assume that there's a limit to the slop they'll come up with. Every time I make a joke about an impossible menu item, some jackass makes my gag a gag-inducing reality.


      More than twenty years ago, The Simpsons saw this coming.

  2. Ha! "slop they'll come up with." yea, eggs, bacon, cheese, hash browns and a tortilla!! Unheard of! That is the work of an evil genius. I've never seen anything like that except on every single breakfast menu - ever. Have you ever been to a diner, restaurant, greasy spoon, your mom's kitchen? You may be missing something my man. Hmmm, not a geezer? You are at least past the tipping point for sure. Non-geezers don't care about this stuff and for good reason - it doesn't matter. I'm just happy that taco bell gave you non-geezers (but way past your prime-ers), something to shake your canes at. Enjoy it before your dementia kicks in. Love the blog