Friday, June 27, 2014

Here's a better question- why are you working on your laptop at McDonalds when there's a Starbucks next door?

Notice how people in McDonald's commercials act even dumber and other-worldly than people in non-McDonald's commercials?

To the black woman who was paid to look "deep in thought" at the question "why is McDonald's trying to convince us that watered-down fountain soda tastes better than canned soda?"*-- I don't think you got paid enough, considering your dignity is gone forever.

To the woman who first wasted everyone's time and decided that her family and friends knowing what a pathetic, lifeless loser she was wasn't enough and the entire planet needed to experience the vapid nothing that is her life by posting a picture of herself kissing a cup of soda and asking her stupid question- ugh, you are a disgusting waste of skin twat.  But hey, you went "viral."  If only that meant you were going to die of some horrible disease now.

*Yeah, I know that's not the question.  But seriously- if anyone thinks Coca-Cola "tastes better" at McDonalds, it's because they associate it with french fries.  Or they've never had soda out of a can.  Because soda doesn't "taste better" at McDonalds- the flavor is dulled and you can taste the cardboard of the cup.  It's just cheap.


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    1. All of your posts read exactly the same way: "how dare you post your opinion on your blog?" Weird.