Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Someone kick this dirtbag in the head and bury him in his own BMW

1.  Hey, let's flip the script, shall we?  I'm guessing that Miss America isn't going to see your unshaven slob self on the street some day and think "oh man, I let that guy slip right through my fingers!"  How F---ng arrogant can you get- this guy clearly figures that if he had just held on to Miss Braces and Freckles in High School she would have stayed  with him as she blossomed into a gorgeous beauty- and he remained an unshaven slob troll.   Hey, guess what, buddy?  She would have figured out she could do a lot better, and your ass would have been handed a one-way ticket to Dumpsville (Population: You.)

2.  Yeah, because missing out on an investment opportunity* is EXACTLY the same as not buying this year's overpriced disgusting conspicuous consumption BMW (like they are going to sell out?  Like there's not going to be another overpriced disgusting conspicuous consumption LookAtMeMobile BMW released next year?  Like these things are an "investment" that DON'T depreciate the moment you drive them off the lot?  Please.)

F-- everyone involved in this crap.  You people make me sick.

*Let's not fail to note that missing out on the great investment doesn't forestall his purchase of a brand new BMW.  Hand me a fucking hankie, I'm so broken up over your lost opportunity, dickwad.

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  1. I'm reminded of a song on a radio comedy show from about thirty years ago. As I recall, the thing had a disgusting slob like this inform a woman that she needs him despite the obvious fact that having sex with him would result in her breeding with a lower life form.