Saturday, June 14, 2014

DirecTV ramps up the Sexism. Anyone want to defend this?

Maybe someone over at DirecTV reads my blog?  Or (more likely) someone over there noticed the YouTube comments?

  Either way- maybe someone who gave the thumbs-up to this ridiculous, disgusting, insulting ad campaign saw that there are actually a few people who DON'T find it a blatantly sexist farce and figured "ok, let's see if it's possible to get EVERYONE angry."

Because there's got to be a reason for this ad, which features a deeply insecure puppet-wife stripping and dancing for her guy and begging for affirmation.  "Am I pretty?  How about if I dance like this?  How about now?"  Ugh.

And the guy just sitting on the bed isn't just dealing with his partner's desperation.  He's enjoying it.  Please.

Come on, DirecTV.  You aren't pushing the envelope anymore.  You have decided that grossing out your audience is better than being ignored by it, and that you'd rather have us hate your company than be indifferent to it.  Mission Accomplished.

Anyone out there STILL think these are just innocent, goofy little nuggets of inoffensive dumb?  Because I'm sure they can get worse.  And I'm sure they will.  Just keep defending this crap.  Just keep telling me to "lighten up," or explain how DirecTV is advertised exclusively to men (and of course all men just love ads which objectify women as sex toys.)  Go ahead, tell me this is "just a commercial" and I need to get a life.  Because I'm pretty sure DirecTV isn't going to stop serving up this increasingly bizarre garbage until the most chauvinistic cretins out there finally respond with "oh wait-- that's a bit over the top, even for me."


  1. I miss the ads that said "Don't isolate yourself from society.....Isolate yourself from society." Spiraling lunacy about attending your own memorial service was less gnawingly painful than interdomestic polecattery.

  2. All of the ads in this series are disturbing, although the "puppet wife" ones are especially so. But even the "puppet son" who gets his strings caught in the ceiling fan and ends up getting whipped around and around by it, and cries "Wheeee" like he's on a fun ride...just horrible.

  3. This is the commercial that guided me to this blog. This is the tip-top of the worst. I really can't manage to sputter out anything more as my rage for this ad campaign has broken me. I will start digging graves for the responsible party.