Friday, December 16, 2016

Apple stretches disbelief until it snaps back and hits me in the face

Am I to understand that a middle school somewhere decided to put together a big-budget production of Romeo and Juliet featuring nine-year olds who will, if they provide a faithful rendition of the script, commit suicide on stage at the conclusion?

Ok, I get that the quality is probably not that awesome, and the whole idea is that the iPhone7 is just so superawesomeamazing at taking movies that it will make kids being kids on stage look like they are in something produced by Kenneth Branagh (or even something good,) but this doesn't change the fact that these are very young children performing Romeo and Juliet.  We're kidding here, right, Apple?


  1. Playing Romeo and Juliette is a form of "sexualizing minors"?

    I admit it is more appropriate for those who play the characters to at least be in their teens, but still's Shakespeare, not porn.

    1. Who are you quoting when you put "sexualizing minors" in quotation marks? A YouTube commentator? Because I don't say any such thing in my post.

    2. It's a common "catch-phrase" expression, I guess.
      One hears/reads it here-and-there.

      When writing I often ad-lib. I don't necessarily quote others directly. I tend to put things in my own words per se.