Friday, December 9, 2016

KIA ramps up the Dumb

Nothing about this ad makes even the slightest sense.

First, what's with the 1980s video football game?  Is KIA trying to reach the fiftysomething car buyer with this ad?  Maybe so, because Second, what the heck is Bo Jackson doing even attempting to play football here?

Third, the electronic version of Bo Jackson in the game looks like he has a pretty good shot to go 95 yards for the score, but instead cheat by running out of the stadium, getting into his car, and driving it on to the field?  Now we've moved beyond "makes no sense" and are deep into "this is really, really stupid" territory.

Fourth, why are the other electronic players attempting to tackle Jackson's car?  Why is Jackson carefully weaving his car around the players as if he's concerned that it will get tackled?  I don't care how big NFL players are nowadays, they aren't taking down a freaking SUV.

Fifth, what is Bo Jackson celebrating at the end?  That he managed to drive across a football field in a car without being tackled?  That he's still marketable enough to be in an ad and that's a good thing even if it's one as dumb as this?  That he's in an ad and at least it isn't for Five Hour Energy?

Why do I think about this stupid crap so much?


  1. The reason you "think about this stupid crap so much" is because they keep throwing this shit in our faces so much all-the-time.
    Not only every time we switch on the "boob tube" but also on the internet with television commercials on YouTube videos and still-picture ads ("miniature billboards"?) on the side of the screen on various web sites.

    We "think about it all the time" because the media tyrants would allow us to get away from the crap they produce.

  2. any time you spend lambasting car commercials that are not chevy car commercials wherein everyday idiots marvel at chevys is a waste of your precious time. please focus on chevy.

    1. Why just slam GM when everyone else also deserves the same wrath? Even if it's for different reasons?