Thursday, December 29, 2016

Toyota hates us. Just in case we had forgotten, let's check this out!

I watched this commercial all the way through twice, and that's the most I'm going to put myself through, because I really hoped that in two viewings I'd figure out what these self-absorbed, self-congratulatory rejects from any self-respecting karaoke bar are declaring their independence from.  But the best I can come with is that when they "sing" (using that term VERY losely) "you don't own me," what they are referring to is the basics of safe driving they learned back in High School.  They are screeching that they are no longer "owned" by the society's suffocating demand that they pay attention while driving, that they keep their stereos at a level which allows them to hear other cars, including emergency vehicles, that they are alert for sudden changes in driving conditions- rock slides, ice patches, children chasing basketballs, etc.  You know, the rules of the road that us Lessers are still shackled to, poor us.

Anyway, if one of these commercials ends up with each and every one of these caterwalling jackasses screeching "you don't own me" to Gravity as they plunge down ravines in their brand-new Toyotas, I'll consider my Christmas present delivered and received with great joy and appreciation.  Not holding my breath, though (hey, another idea for these losers I find preferable than having them continue to try to sing!)


  1. I'm with ya, but dude, you're slippin' a little. You watched this commercial twice and didn't register that it's for Toyota and not Honda? Oops.

    1. Haha, good catch. I guess it just didn't matter to me. I'll make the edit though.

  2. I guess you were so shocked that spokeschoad (your excellent word) Jan wasn't in it you figured it couldn't be Toyota.