Thursday, December 29, 2016

Google continues to push me closer to the edge....

This is so rank, I can't believe there isn't a punchline at the end of it instead of just making me want to punch someone.

The final scene, where the "dad" responds to seeing his son in a spacesuit by asking Google "what's on the calendar" is the real breaking point for me.  Dude, your son is standing right fucking there.  Why can't you just ask him and break up your morning of Ignoring the other Homo Sapiens in the house?*  If Google replied "nothing is on the calendar for today," would you think your son had just gone nuts?  If your son had responded "it's space day," would you have believed him?  Would you have even recognized his voice?  Would it have helped if he had spoken in a robotic Google voice, because you've trained yourself to believe that Google Knows All?

Is this what we really want?  Anyone?

*The one time "husband" actually addresses a human being in this ad, it's to ask "wife" if a package on it's way is for him.  Why didn't he just ask Google?  At this point, why would he believe his wife would have more knowledge about a package she ordered than The Google does?

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