Saturday, December 24, 2016

From jeans to TV Razors, Bret Favre just keeps fumbling

1.  It's "German Engineered."  This "fact" is repeated ad nauseum throughout this and other commercials for this stupid razor.  When did "German Engineered" become a mark of quality, anyway?  I wonder if ads in Germany hawk products as being "American Engineered?"  The way the announcers breathlessly proclaim the Germanness of these razors, you'd think that the superiority of German shaving technology was just a given.  Am I completely out of the loop, or what?

2.  The blades are coated with a "Non-stick surface," because we guys all know what a hassle it is when our ordinary razors stick to our skin during shaving.  Seriously, though, has this EVER happened to ANYBODY?  I half-expected the announcer to tell us that the razors double as frying pans.  Non-stick surface?  Really?

3.  The German Engineering of this amazing groundbreaking discovery provides a blade which lasts...a month.  You know, like pretty much all blades, including the ones you can buy at the CVS down the street which come with a razor and which cost around ten bucks.  How do we know they only last a month?  Well, the freaking ad comes right out and TELLS us they do, by providing twelve razor cartidges and calling these "a year's worth."  Points for honesty, but come on- if they only last a month, they aren't any better than the ones I own and use now, and they aren't even "German Engineered" as far as I know....

4.  William P,  non-paid Spokeschoad, tells us that he was spending "twenty or thirty dollars a month" on razors before coming across this offer.  Oh, you have got to be kidding, Mr. P..  I just randomly researched popular razor blade brands online, and the MOST expensive version I could find was for the Gillette Mach 3-- a razor and twelve cartidges for $23.99.  If you are going through "twenty or thirty dollars a MONTH" on razors, your skin must be made of freaking balloon-quality silk.  Or you are a pampered brat who refuses to use the same blade more than two or three times before tossing it in the garbage (in which case, these In No Way Superior Except for Being German Engineered blades are not going to solve your tragic problem.)  Yet he's backed up by Dr. Joseph D (who is a cardiologist, and therefore knows a lot more than you or I about shaving) who agrees that $20 gets most guys a month's worth of shaves- so most guys go through twelve cartidges a month...what the hell....)

5.  The blades aren't just "German Engineered," they are GERMAN.  Maybe everything German really is popular in the United States these days.  46% of us voted in our very own Fuhrer after all, and we didn't even have to burn down the Reichstag first.

6.  The spokeschoads never really tell us that they get their best shave ever, or even a superior shave- they just say things like "good shave" or "nice shave."  More points for honesty.

7.  The usual seal-the-deal-with-add-ons ploy comes when they toss in a nose-hair trimmer which may or may not be German Engineered (seems unlikely, though, since it's not part of the pitch.)  You can even get a Free Bonus Caddy (piece of plastic to hold your overpriced, overhyped junk) but only if you take the Deluxe Offer, which I'm guessing involves taking the nose-trimmer for free Just Pay Separate Shipping and Handling scam.)

8.  Bret Favre.  This is what he gets to do while Peyton Manning continues to stink up television during actual football games doing commercials for Nationwide.  I'd say that this illustrates the difference between one ring and two, except that Peyton was a ubiquitous presence on commercials before he got his FIRST ring and Tom Brady doesn't show up on tv despite having FOUR.  Television is weird.

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