Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dodge really captures the spirit of the holidays in this ad

Ostentatious competitiveness.  Surly looks.  Drag races which endanger the lives of the Not One Percenters who might be trying to cross these urban streets.  Concluding with a reminder that hey there are even more self-satisfied prigs willing to trash their Christmas trees if it means they get to show off the fact, their cars go forward when you press the gas pedal.

Yeah, this is somebody's idea of what the holidays are all about.  "Somebody" being pretty much everyone who writes commercials to be broadcast in the month of December.  Because I'm not kidding- as I was watching the Ravens-Dolphins game Sunday afternoon I couldn't help noticing that at least nine out of ten of the ads broadcast featured the message that the best thing you can do for yourself this holiday season is to buy a car you probably don't need but will make you the envy of the neighborhood and in the end, what else really matters?

Merry....Um, something.  I guess.


  1. Next to iPhones and other "bastions-of-high-tech" fare it's the ridiculous oversize "mini-buses" and trend-obsessive compacts people also worship.

    I think this is what the Bible was going on about when it mentions "the mark of The Beast". You know---as in logos and trademarks and emblems.

  2. Up here, we've got tire ads that represent pedestrians as cardboard cutouts in the way of happy motoring so I can't say we're any smarter than you.