Monday, December 26, 2016

iPhone 7 ramps up the "give a middle finger to society" quotient

I used to think that only a Sociopath would want phone speakers which would allow you to share your particular taste in music with people three blocks away, but since its apparently become perfectly normal to be a self-absorbed asshat with absolutely no respect or consideration for anyone else, I guess we have to come up with a different word now.

Introducing the iPhone 7 with stereo speakers- just in case you weren't positive that you were the most loathsome human being on the planet, here's something to seal the deal.

As for this particular ad- too damned bad if you were taking a nap poolside, or reading a book, or just communing with your thoughts, because for as long as  it takes this disgusting old twat to climb those steps and jump into the pool and climb back out, you are going to be listening to his ridiculous salute to himself, courtesy of his iPhone 7 which has better speakers than my last Honda.  It wasn't really all that long ago that you'd expect someone to reach over and shut the damn thing off, or even chuck it into the pool, in response to this douchenozzle's "I am the only person in the universe" attitude.  But the other people at poolside don't even blink at the phone blaring music so loud that it's causing the table it's on to shake.  I guess they think that's cool now- never mind that if even one more person had that phone and the same idea, they'd be drowning out eachother, besides making what used to be a nice, calming experience a living hell for the people who just want to get a little sun for chrissakes.

Merry Christmas, Apple.  May you be visited by several ghosts tonight who show you the asshattery of your ways.


  1. We're expected to tolerate SO MUCH from those who would never tolerate even the slightest of infractions from us.

    1. Somebody really needed to just turn the damn thing off. There's no reason to tolerate this level of doucheness from anybody. And if you can't turn it off, carry it to the guy and tell him to do it because, hey, other people are trying to have a society here.