Tuesday, December 6, 2016

So many villains to choose from in this horrible Xfinity ad....

1.  The grandparents, who follow their grandkid's twitter account and respond to the bitchy, spoiled-rotten "oh I have to spend a few hours at a house with no WiFi or Netflix just because it happens to contain elderly people I guess I'm related to" tweets by forking over god knows how much money to update their internet and cable system because Everything Must Be Made Perfect For Precious Granddaughter.

2.  Wretchedly spoiled little monster grandchild, who publicly considers an afternoon without WiFi as "entering the gates of hell" and begs her Twitter followers to "pray for her" because oh my freaking god, she's going to have to survive several hours without indulging in electronic addition---err, entertainment.  Horrors, an actual conversation with real people who may not be around next holiday season might result.  Wouldn't that be a nightmare.

3.  The company that is so craven that it sells this as a heartwarming tale of grandparents so determined to show well for Granddaughter that they invest in an upgraded service and If You Loved Your Grandkids You'd Do The Same And Then Maybe You'd See Them More Old Fogies.  Sick, Xfinity.  Truly Sick.

I didn't think it was possible for a commercial to make me long for a Lexus December to Remember ad, but this one comes pretty close.  What a nightmare the modern world is.


  1. I was hoping and praying you would do to this commercial what it so richly deserved to have done to it. And that was without even having seen this full-length wretched version of it. I had only seen the short one featuring the "entering the gates of hell" tweet and not the "pray for me" or any of the other garbage, and that was bad enough, for all the reasons you noted.

    Please tell me I don't just feel this way because I am old and had no choice when I was a kid other than to visit my grandmother's house Wifi-free and actually spend time talking to and interacting with her instead of staring at a screen the whole time. Please tell me that's not a hopelessly dated thing to expect kids to do. Please tell me that somewhere in the world there's a child who understands how important it is to spend time with relatives who love and care about you while they're around, even if it's not a Nonstop Entertainment Experience.

  2. Horrible commercial. Why would Xfinity pay for this abortion?

  3. Wow, I think I need a shower after watching this. What a horrible message, but not surprising.