Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hyundai's Christmas of Confusion

Can someone please explain to me why, after the ugly-as-hell potential customer tilts his head and juts his jaw out, he spends the rest of the commercial acting as if his feet are nailed to the floor?  Seriously, he seems convinced that he'll step on a landmine if he moves one inch in any direction, so he just stands there weirdly tilting his body (after doing that weird "big" move which I think has beeen banned in at least eight states.)  It's especially awkward at the very end, when he apparently attempts to LOOK at the saleschoad's ring tone by leaning slightly forward- mustn't move those legs!

Is it about being paralyzed until one feels "Festive?"  Because his significant other jumps two spaces the moment she buys in to the whole holiday cheer thing.  She even gets her own cup of hot cocoa and a new wardrobe.  And she didn't have to say a thing to do it.  It's implied that her husband/whatever is the buyer- does he get to be transported two feet, change into a stupid costume, and hold his own fake cup of plastic only when he agrees to sign, or what?

Seriously.  What the hell, Hyundai?

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