Thursday, December 22, 2016

I can still remember when I got for Christmas when I was nine....

It was a King Arthur's Castle made in West Germany, and it was freaking awesome.  I put it together in about twenty minutes and spent god knows how many hours playing with it over the course of the next several years.  I loved it so much that when I happened to come across one on Ebay about fifteen years ago I bought it again, and it's sitting in my apartment right now.

I wonder how long the jackasses in this commercial will remember the Very Special Christmas when someone bought someone virtual-reality headsets and the family spent the next hour experiencing the Virtual Reality which was so much better than the Actual Reality of being with family during the holidays.  I imagine that the most memorable part of the experience was all the stupid shrieking and jumping done by the person wearing the glasses while the rest of the family, unable to experience what the person wearing the glasses was experiencing, looked on.

"Remember when mom jumped?  That was funny.  Can't remember what she was looking at when she jumped.  But she jumped.  And when dad tried them on, he laughed and yelled once.  That was fun.  Who ended up with that headset, anyway?  Well, whatever."

All my snark notwithstanding, I'm sure that this is someone's idea of an awesome Christmas.  Maybe because it's slightly more interactive than everyone talking on their own cell phones?  But we see one of these people using his phone to video someone else's experience with their headset- isn't that kind of doubling down on the isolation?  I mean, seriously.  What the hell?

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