Sunday, September 29, 2019

Chantix Turkey Commercial snark, with commentary from YouTube posters

Take a look at the comments under this video- 90 percent of them include comments praising the "cute" and "adorable" turkey which gives them "the warm fuzzies."  Judging from these comments, there are a lot of people who actually LOOK FORWARD to these ads- I'm assuming because they are very small children trapped in the bodies of adults.

But maybe I'm being a little unfair.  So I'm going to intersperse dialogue from the commercial with snippets from actual YouTube comments (please feel free to check out the commercial and the comment section yourself if you'd like to check for accuracy...)

Commenter:  This is my favorite commercial. He just looks so calm and happy in his little puffy vest and hat, and I love his little head bobs as he walks. I dunno, it just gives me the warm fuzzies. :)

Commercial: "When you stop smoking with or without Chantix, you may experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Commenter: I love this commercial and I actually look forward to this commercial coming onto the TV.

Commercial: "Stop using Chantix immediately if you start experiencing changes in behavior such as hostility, aggression, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures..."

Commenter: I saw this commercial today and I thought it was so cute omfg 😭😭

Commercial: "Or life -threatening allergic or skin reactions..."

Commenter: This commercial is so clever , I love the intricate details. The turkey is so adorable I wish I could get one for a pet.

Commercial: "...increased alcohol use." Oh, and the fine print on the screen at this point adds "...a rash, peeling skin, or blisters.."

If you ever had any doubts as to why drug companies like Chantix use cute graphics, smiling people, outdoor settings and peppy music to sell potentially deadly drugs, this commercial should put them to rest for good. Almost none of the people commenting actually listened to the ad- they were too busy falling in love with a cartoon turkey. If they ever decide they want help in breaking the nicotine habit maybe they'll remember that awesome turkey that gave them the warm fuzzies and proceed to Ask Their Doctor if Chantix is Right for ThemTM. The potential side effects? What are those? If Chantix was dangerous, they'd have let them know, right?

One more Commenter: "He looks so happy and peaceful! It is cute as a button who wouldn't like this commercial. I don't understand the thumbs down from other people".

Yeahhhh....that's a good way to end this.


  1. I love your Turkey commercials !

  2. It is a huge departure from most TV ads. They should make a movie starring this clever little guy.