Monday, September 9, 2019

Ok, Coors is just trolling us now, right?

If not, can we expect to see the following commercials from Coors?

"The official Beer of waiting for the Ride On Bus."

"The official Beer of Drinking outside your daughter's daycare hoping to get a glimpse of her without your ex-wife finding out."

"The official Beer of drinking before heading off to church."

"The official Beer of drinking on your way back from the bathroom to the bedroom at 2 AM."

"The official Beer of Drinking before going in to the Funeral."

Let's just cut to the chase, go back to my original post on this awesome campaign, and call Coors the Official Beer of Being a High-functioning Alcoholic and get it over with, ok?


  1. It's also the Official Beer of pissing on a dumpster at 3:30 in the morning.