Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ram Trucks and more stolen songs from my youth....

1.  One poster after another asks the same question:  "What is this song?"  Now, I'm aware that this is kind of a requirement of YouTube comment sections.  Still.  Come on.  If you don't know what song this is, find out quietly, don't let anyone know you don't recognize it.  Sure, you're using a fake name on the internet to ask...but still.  Just don't do this.

(oh, and....Fleetwood Mac?  Can I be charitable and assume you lost control of your song which I thought was the heartbreak that comes from discovering that your dreams do not mesh with the dreams of the person you were hoping to spend the rest of your life with? Can I?)

2.  Except for a few very brief shots of this truck towing a camper and being filled with something dirty and brown, the Awesome Features being demonstrated are nothing more than a huge view screen and an automatic step (in another commercial, we're told this thing has 19 speakers.  That's not a typo.  19 speakers.  You know, so the big, tough, dirt-encrusted guys who drive them can enjoy their Very Masculine Music as they head back to the Ranch House.  This is referred to as "Everything."

3.  Fully Equipped, these trucks run upwards of $50,000.  In other words, just perfect for the hard-workin' middle class they are marketed toward....right?

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