Sunday, September 22, 2019

Geico, Therapy Ponies, and the twisted concept of "Help."

This time we've got two weird dweebs who I assume live in a house belonging to one of their moms.  I have to assume that because if this is their current apartment and they are worried about renter's insurance for a NEW apartment, I think I might just lose my will to live.

Anyway, one of the dweebs knows that Geico stands ready to ease their worry by "helping" with renter's insurance.  The other- who has aquired a therapy pony (remember what I said about losing my will to live?) "didn't know that Geico helps with Renter's Insurance."  What the Actual Hell is he talking about?  Does he mean that he didn't know that Geico SELLS Renter's Insurance?  Because selling policies is the extent to which Geico is willing to "help with Renter's Insurance."  You know, like that grocery store up the street is willing to help me with my lack of food issues, and Seven-Eleven is there to help me deal with my severe caffeine addiction.  So very helpful.

Every year, State Farm accepts and cashes a check from me to pay for renter's insurance.  I'm so ungrateful for the help, not only do I never thank State Farm, but my agent sends ME a birthday card every year.  I'm a disgustingly ungrateful human being.

I wonder- if one of these Napoleon Dynamite wannabees borrows money from Mommy to pay for Renter's Insurance, who does he thank for helping him?  Mommy or Geico?  Both "helped," right?

Meanwhile...therapy pony.  I just want to die.

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  1. This might be the worst GEICO spot I've ever seen, and considering there are only two of them that have even mildly amused me, that's saying something. (Those two, I hate to admit, were 'secret agent gets call from mom' and 'Ice-T at the lemonade stand') At least those had attempts at jokes. This and the campfire one do not.