Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Random Questions about this stupid Geico Ad

1.  Why is this lizard intruding on a family camping trip?  Did they invite him?  And if so, why did they invite him?  I mean, if they've ever watched any other commercial featuring the lizard in the past, they KNOW that all he's going to do is harrass them about the benefits of the Geico App until they crush him with a convenient rock, which I really wish they'd just do.

2.  Why does this lizard think that the family would like to "manage their insurance" while on a camping trip?  Seriously, who thinks about managing their insurance while out camping with the family?  Do they even have a WiFi connection out there?  Because guess what, no matter how cool that Geice Insurance App is, it's not going to work unless you've got access to the internet.  And considering that I don't see anyone in this family using their phones here, I think it's a pretty good bet that there's no service where they are.  Because it's 2019, after all.

3.  Why does the Dad in this commercial care that the Geico's tiny bit of marshmallow is on fire?  I'd be more invested in getting it to shut the f--k up about insurance during Family Time in front of the fire.

4.  Is that Dad ever going to wipe that bit of marshmallow off his face?  I mean, seriously- I know it's just a speck of marshmallow, and maybe it's not even hot anymore- but it's still a sticky bit of sugary sludge he KNOWS is on his face.  Why doesn't he wipe it off?  Is he really that dead inside that he doesn't care about it being on his face?  Is he just so crushed by the lack of internet access that he can't work up the energy to wipe his face?  Seriously, what the hell?

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