Saturday, September 14, 2019

Make these Real Owners Not Actors Commercials Invisible. That would be much better.

"Ok Real Pickup Owners not Actors, this Chevy BlandMobile features the world's first invisible trailer."

Because all Real Chevy Owners Not Actors must act like mentally deficient box turtles whose moms lived exclusively on lead paint chips during pregnancy, one of them bleats "invisible," another remarks "so it isnt' the trailer sitting right here?" and yet another actually bangs his fist against the trailer with a "toldja so it's right here, I can see it and I just proved its right here you're gonna have to do that Chevy spokesman I got you this time" look on his punchable face.

Ah, but you see- it's not that the trailer is actually invisible, but that among the 500 camera options featured in Chevy's latest BS Electronics to Distract You From the Overall Crappiness pickup model is one that-- um--- basically photoshops the trailer out of the picture.  Well, isn't that clever because now you a minute, what exactly IS the function of this camera option again?

Well, if you've got it activated, you can back up without seeing your trailer, which is really helpful don't want to know how much room you have and are trying to smash up your trailer.  Or if you're on the highway, it helps you forget you're hauling a trailer so when you change lanes you don't allow for enough space and you clip that car you thought you had ample room to pass.....

Come to think of it, I can't imagine why this Invisible Trailer feature would be anything but a stupid, dangerous option nobody in their right mind would ever activate.  But it's new so I guess it's deserving of a commercial.  And hey, it gives a group of camera-hungry choads another opportunity to kiss Chevrolet's butt for thirty seconds in exchange for a little tv time, so there's that, too.

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  1. There is another hazard inherent in the idiotic toy. The trailer can swing right into pedestrians and cyclists and the daydreaming idiot who thinks he's in Starfleet now won't be able to see it.